About Us


Kansai Exhaust System is manufactured by our parent company PT. Sumber Urip Adi Knalpot in Malang Indonesia. Established in 1962, PT. Sumber Urip has worked closely with several leading car manufacturers as well as providing quality exhaust system for end-users through our authorized workshops and agents. With more than 45 years of experience, PT. Sumber Urip has manufactured more than 1300 types of exhaust mufflers.

As a pioneer for manufacturing quality exhaust in Indonesia, it's our job to think about how we might improve the comfort, driveability, safety, and environmental integrity of today's vehicles. We strive to enhance the driving experience, not simply accept it. That means looking not only at what we make, but at what you make. Because we understand that, to build a better vehicle, all the parts must fit together harmoniously. Significant changes in car design, development, emission controls, performance and customer expectations are constant in Automotive markets especially with Spares, Replacement Parts and Aftermarket.

Therefore, our R & D department's concentration is to build original muffler systems, headers, sport silencers, and tailpipe extension tips that would suit your needs. We can provide either an individual component or the complete integrated system to meet your performance and cost expectations. With better exhaust flow and less back pressure, car's fuel efficiency and engine performance would significantly improve.

PT. Sumber Urip Adi Knalpot prepared three different types of steels for our products range. Stainless steel T304 is available for customers who wish for long muffler life. For O.E.M standard, aluminized steel sheet JIS G3314 and aluminized steel tube JIS G3445 STKM 11A are used. A 9-month warranty is given for our aluminized mufflers and Kansai® Exhaust System is our trademark. For a much more affordable price, our Standard® Exhaust System uses cold rolled galvanized steel and customers could still enjoy a 6-month warranty after installation.